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Toughened Laminated Glass

Toughened laminated glass is more in demand now than ever before mainly due to its strength and safety aspects.

Toughened laminated glass is manufactured to your requirements using two toughened glass panels with an EVA interlayer in-between.

The benefits of having toughened laminated glass is that it is hard to penetrate due to the fact that even if one of the toughened glass panels break it will keep its form and not breakaway from the other panel due to the interlayer. This is perfect in the use of balustrades and canopies because the glass will not fall thus preventing injury.

Also toughened laminated is required in many applications like Juliette balconies if the customer wishes to have a seamless look by not having handrails.

We offer a range of hardware to allow you to create that seamless and frameless look with all the key safety aspects you require.

We use one of the best interlayer when manufacturing toughened laminated glass. Our Bridgestone EVASAFE has greater durability for indoor and outdoor use over other interlayer (which aren't fully water resistant) along with being ultra-high transparency and long term reliability over PVB.

Not only has our toughened laminated been used in balustrades and building application, we have supplied many marine customers for boat screens and panels, which have seen the harshest weather conditions with no problems.

For any questions or help with choosing the correct specification, please email or call one of our team.

We also can offer digital printed toughen laminated glass, this is where we print on to the glass directly before applying the interlayer. This allows your design or logo to be manufactured into the toughened laminated panels, stopping it from being damaged or removed.