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Table Covers & Protectors

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Protecting furniture in your home like coffee tables, kitchen and side tables is difficult when trying to use them for everyday purposes without marking, scratching or staining. So why not try using one of our bespoke glass protectors to help keep your tables and surfaces safe from day to day use.

There are many options to choose from.

Our clear glass table tops are sent to you with polished edges i.e. a slight 2mm bevel - most commonly known as a pencil edge due to the shape given.


We always recommend taking 3mm off each edge to allow for fitting and expansion. 

Our products are manufactured within a +/-2mm tolerance . 


Please note we would strongly advise 6mm for any length over 1600mm 

We also offer rounded corners to protect yourself and young children. Please note that if this option is not added, these tops will be delivered with 90 degree angle corners. Due to the fact we toughen all our glass tops, we will be unable to machine these corners afterwards.

If you wish to send us a template please email or call us using the details at the bottom of the website.
Please Note: Shape-to-template is normally 30% more.