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Is the glass toughened?

We toughen all of our glass as standard. The only exception to this is when the size falls below 250mm x 250mm or the glass is to be produced from either laminate or mirror. Once toughened, glass cannot be cut - if this is attempted it will break into small pieces.

Do you offer a fitting service?

We have extensive experience recommending and fitting glass products throughout the UK. Do get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page if you think your project could benefit from a site visit.

Which thickness of glass do I need?

The glass thickness you require depends on its use. For example, if you simply want a piece of glass to lay on top of an existing table top, 6mm will be fine. If you plan on using the glass to make up an actual table top we recommend using 10mm or above. For splashbacks we recommend 6mm, although 10mm can also be used.

Are all of the edges safe?

We machine a profiled and polished finish (also known as a bevel / dubbed edge) on every side as standard, so there will be no trace of sharpness found on our cut glass. Depending on your project you may want to consider radius corners which are simply rounded corners created by removing the point at each corner. These are useful when the glass has an overhang or on table tops in living areas around the home. Having a radius corner will ensure safety if accidentally walked it to.

What is "Crystal Clear" glass?

Crystal Clear glass has a lower iron content which gives it a very light blue look when viewed through the glass edge compared to clear glass which is greener. Crystal Clear, also commonly known as low iron, is used in all coloured and painted-glass splashbacks.

My project needs an irregular-shaped piece of glass, how can I order this?

For more custom shapes, the best way is to produce a template using lining paper. By laying the table onto the paper, you can then trace the shape required. This can then be posted or sent via courier to us along with your contact details, which we will use to provide you with a quotation.

Our Address to send templates to is:
TGP Glass, Penderi, Blaenffos, Boncath, Wales, SA37 0JE

Can metal fixings be attached to the underside of the glass?

Using UV adhesive, we can attach metal fixings directly to the glass.

Can I have a colour outside of the range offered?

We can produce coloured glass to almost any colour, so if you can provide us with a reference such as a Dulux name / code, or even provide us with a sample to match to, we can work from this.

What is the best way to get a quotation?

We require the following in order to provide you with an accurate quotation:

  • What type of glass you require and colour.
  • Rough sizes of each panel required.
  • Number of socket or switch cut outs needed.
  • A photo of the areas you wish to install the glass.
  • Whether our fitting service is required or just delivery.

What is the maximum length of Splashback in one piece?

We manufacture our glass from 3210mm x 2250mm stock sheets, so the maximum length we are able to offer is 3204mm in a single length. Usually the limiting factor on a panel size tends to be access to the area (getting the panel from outdoors to the room where the glass is to be installed).

What thickness of glass is used for splashbacks and wall panels?

Typically we produce these items in 6mm thick glass.